How To Properly Get Up Off the Floor

By Michael McKay, L.M.T.

Occasionally, I’ll demo for a new customer how to get onto and off of one of our Gravity Pal Low Angle Inversion Tables.

I recall a very fit looking 90 year old lady who wanted to try it out.

What was memorable is after she exited our Gravity Pal and was laying flat on the floor, she rolled up onto a shoulder stand and from there – amazingly – did a back flip into a standing position!!!

THEN a couple of minutes later she wanted to do it again! And she did!

I was, of course, amazed! (P.S. We Do NOT Recommend Trying This!)

More and more we’re meeting older customers who are very fit and very active, playing tennis, golf and other sports well into their 80’s and beyond.

But even more often we come across a person of “Advanced Age” that has basic issues – like getting up from the floor which is absolutely required if you want to use low angle inversion.

Fortunately, we’re ready to help.

I Make It A Habit To Ask

Recently a lady from California called me to purchase one of our Gravity Pal Low Angle Inversion Tables for her 80 year old mother.

“She’s been looking for this – what she calls a Slant Board – for a long time,” the lady told me.

“My mother had one similar many years ago and I thought it’d be nice if I got her one.”

I thanked the lady and asked,

“Can your mother get up off the floor if she’s laying flat on her back on the floor?”

This took the lady by surprise! She answered,

“I don’t know! Wait a minute, she’s right here; I’ll ask her.”

I could hear the muffled voices in conversation and then she came back to the phone and said, “Well, she doesn’t think she can, so I guess that is that.”

And with that we said goodbye and hung up.

Later that evening, it got me thinking about what more I could have said and thought to myself,

“Her mother DOESN’T REALLY KNOW whether she CAN OR CANNOT get up from laying on the floor – and she’s afraid.

I bet if I gave her some guidelines on how to get up from laying on the floor she could practice and then see for certain – and probably do it too.”

So, this post is inspired by that lady and her mother and I hope it serves many people you know – and perhaps you as well.

Have You Ever Had Trouble Getting Up From The Floor?

You don’t have to be older to have this trouble.

Maybe at one time or another getting up off the floor hasn’t been easy for you no matter how old you are:

  • If you’re a wee bit out of shape and your muscles are weaker – this is potentially fixable in just a few days!
  • Heck, maybe you just had a bad night! Easily fixed.
  • If you’ve recently experienced a minor injury simply resting may help fix you up in short order.

Amazingly, even if you have an especially challenging condition, like Parkinson’s, we’ve seen people who thought they could not get up from the floor and, with the right instruction, do so unaided in just a few days.

Step #1: DON’T PANIC and don’t feel defeated.

You just need a strategy and to focus on your first objective which is to get up onto your knees.

At first it may be challenging – but you probably can do it.

Step #2: Use one of these two strategies depending on where you’re at. PLEASE NOTE: always check with your doctor before starting any exercise program.

A. If You’re On Your Back & Think You Can’t Get Up – Try This

At first you may need a second person to help but you should make rapid progress – and quickly be able to do it alone – if you do this at least once a day for a few days.

These few steps are all you need to remember if you’re flat on the floor:

  1. Roll To One Side
  2. Bring Knees Up To Chest
  3. While On Your Side, Push w/ Arms To Almost Seated & Get Up On All Fours (You May Need Help With This)
  4. Lean On a Chair or Couch
  5. Using Your Stronger Leg,

Put That Foot Flat On Floor

  1. Put Both Hands On Knee
  2. Press Straight Down As You Stand Up Using Both Legs

B. If You Can Get Up Onto Your Knees By Yourself – Try This

  1. On All Fours Move to a Chair and Put Your Hands on the Seat Cushion
  2. Bring One Knee Up Using Your Stronger Leg & Put Your Hands on the Top of that Knee
  3. Stand Up Enough to Sit Down on the Chair, Then Get Up and Walk Around When You Feel Ready

If you’re still struggling, it might also be useful to incorporate some gentle exercises. DAILY walking is always good.

But what if you can’t get out to walk because of the weather?

Try this modified (to make it easier) exercise to help strengthen your legs and your core muscles at the same time.

It’s called Marching Cross Knee Slappers and it’s part of my 4-Minute Miracle Exercise Program [1] which I make available for free to all of our Gravity Pal Customers.

There are MANY other exercises that you probably can do. Here’s a link with several more if you’re not able to get outside or if you have a small apartment. [2]

Let’s Talk About Using Your Gravity Pal Low Angle Inversion Table

Remember, the regular use of a Gravity Pal is in itself a light exercise.

When you gently invert you’re challenging your tissues and joints to open and release tensions – and your blood, lymph and cerebral spinal fluid to circulate.

We emphasize for cumulative results you should use your Gravity Pal for 1 to 3 minutes at a time, twice or three times per day – regularly.

We recommend familiarizing yourself with the steps below so when it comes time to use your Gravity Pal, the entire procedure is second nature to you.

A Review: How to Get On and Off your Gravity Pal [3]

        • Step Over Your Gravity Pal and Straddle the Center, Facing High End
        • Lower Yourself Down Slowly With Your Head Near The Bottom
        • Relax & Enjoy Your Low Angle Inversion For 1 to 3 Minutes
        • When You’re Ready To Get Off, Choose Which Side You’ll Lay On
        • Put that Side’s Foot & Hand Down on the Floor
        • Gently Lower Yourself onto the Floor – Don’t Drop!
        • Rest For About 30 Seconds to 1 Minute Before Getting Up

Are you an “Elderly Athlete”? It’s great if you are and we applaud you.

But if you’re challenged and are doubting whether you can get up from lying on the floor the most important first step is DON’T GIVE UP.

You may very well be able to get up from the floor TODAY and for many more years into the future!

We’re hoping this information will help you.

If it does please consider using one of our Gravity Pal Low Angle Inversion Tables for the MANY side benefits our customers consistently report to us.

Call us directly if you have questions or please go here to learn more:

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