What Makes Gravity Pal LOW Angle Inversion Tables
Special and Unique?

There are many things that distinguish Gravity Pal products. Three of the most important are:

1. We solve the problems of High Angle Inversion

2. Results can be experienced in only 2 or 3 minutes

3. Our Uniquely Effective Design AND offering the ONLY portable LOW Angle Inversion Table on the market today

High Angle Inversion is NOT Necessary And Invites Several Problems!

High vs Low Angle Inversion

High Angle Problem: Muscle Guarding

Hanging upside down or at a radically high angle triggers Muscle Guarding which is the body’s natural reaction to fear, pain and instability and inhibits the immediate release of tensions. Are you one of the many who are afraid – or unable to – hang upside down?

High Angle Problem: Ankle Pain

Many people – young and old – may experience Ankle Pain when using High Angle Inversion Tables. For some people this can be quite severe.

High Angle Problem: Over-Stretching Ligaments

As we get older this can be a significant concern and doctors warn of potential damage to ligaments in hips, knees and ankles from sudden over-stretching.  Once a ligament is overloaded and over-stretched it is nearly impossible to have it regain its original shape.

High Angle Inversion is a Hassle: Takes More Time & You May Need a Person Watching, a Spotter

High Angle Table Manufacturers recommend “working up to” a 60 degree angle & 15 minutes per session. Also it takes extra time before and after inversion due to the requirement of securing your feet. You may require a spotter if you fully invert upside down.

Low Angle Inversion with Gravity Pal® Gently and Naturally Avoids All of These Problems

* No Muscle Guarding
* No Ankle Pain or Over Stretching Ligaments
* No Spotter or Watcher is ever required

There are other problems with High Angle Inversion that you can read about here:
3 Big Problems with High Angle Inversion Tables that Gravity Pal Solves.

Low Angle Inversion with Gravity Pal®
Results can be seen in only 2 or 3 minutes

  • Gravity Pal allows the body to relax and release tension immediately without triggering “Muscle Guarding”. Because we feel safe and secure we immediately relax. There is no need to “work up to 15 minutes.” With Gravity Pal we start by relaxing making it very effective only 2 to 3 minutes – even 1 minute has a noticeable effect.

  • Gravity Pal is easier to fit into your routine: 2 or 3 minutes, 2 to 3 times a day is EASY compared to setting aside 15 or 20 minutes for a High Angle session. You are more likely to make a habit of it and look forward to repeating the experience

  • LOW Angle Inversion with Gravity Pal is more accessible to those of modest – or even marginal – fitness levels yet is also very beneficial to elite athletes as well

  • Athletes have found LOW Angle Inversion with Gravity Pal excellent for post-exercise, providing faster recovery from exercise and workout

  • Because Gravity Pal is easy, comfortable to use and the lower angle is less intimidating, individuals typically use it more regularly allowing the possibility of cumulative results

“Gravity Pal is surprisingly effective for something so seemingly benign especially considering you are on it for only 2 or 3 minutes at a time.

Because it allows the nervous system to rest and – at the same time – increases lymph circulation it has, in my professional opinion, potential applications for many disorders ranging from fibromyalgia and breast cancer recovery to prostate issues.

I look forward to personally using it at the end of my work day and am excited for my clients to use it in my practice.”

Joanna Johnson

Massage Therapist & Zero Balancing Faculty, Creede, Colorado

30 Day Risk Free Trial Offer & Free Returns

Simple. Try out Low Angle Inversion with Gravity Pal®

Get Results or Your Money Back!

Uniquely Effective Design and multiple model options including the ONLY Portable LOW Angle Inversion Table on the market today

In developing Gravity Pal we took an ancient idea and applied a deep study of bio-mechanics, physics and human physiology, especially the Central Nervous System, the MyoFascial System and the Lymphatic System.

We also deeply studied how “Inversion” has been tried throughout history and what problems each attempted solution created.  We made dozens of prototypes in this process trying out different angles, materials and engineering concepts.

Along the way we discovered many things that went beyond the design and the materials. We also closely examined how Gravity Pal would be used by a wide range of users in their practical daily life.  We asked ourselves, what would be the most perfect product line that would not only give the best experience but that people could practically integrate into their life and lifestyle?

This was especially important to people who wanted or needed to travel. Some people, we know from direct experience, cannot travel easily (or at all) because of their spinal-compression-related issues.  We are very proud of our Gravity Pal Traveler – the only portable LOW Angle Inversion Table on the market today – which opens the possibility of more comfortable travel to many people.

We discovered that we would have to create different products for the way people would want to use them – at home, office, gym and travel. Each one would have to fit conveniently into a person’s life style – or they would not use it.

We then developed a list of fifteen Convenience and Design Considerations. In different ways, these are uniquely important to Gravity Pal users, no matter which model they select.

Gravity Pal Convenience & Design Requirements:

  1. Must Fit into My Schedule = Most Effective in Fewest Minutes
  2. Must Fit into My Space and Decor
  3. I Can Easily Take with Me in a Car
  4. I Can Easily Take with Me on an Airplane
  5. No Need for a Watcher or Spotter, I can do it Alone – Safely
  6. There would be No Deflection & No Creation of Pressure Points
  7. Would Create a Natural Traction Effect & Inhibit Sliding
  8. No Possibility of Ankle Pain & No Ligament Stretching
  9. The Angle would not trigger Muscle Guarding
  10. Find the Right Combination of Materials
  11. Create the Right Feeling of Tension and Cushion
  12. Must be Lightweight Enough & Strong Enough
  13. Must be Small Enough & Large Enough
  14. Must have an Affordable Price
  15. Must have Quality Construction and Long Term Durability

Every Gravity Pal is individually handmade and tested by American Craftsmen and Craftswomen in Iowa, USA

3 Gravity Pal® LOW Angle Inversion Tables:
Luxury Bench, Traveler and Trimline PRO

* For Home, Office, Gym, Rec Room & On The Go! *

The Luxury Bench Gravity Pal®

Fine Furniture for Home, Office or Executive Suite
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The Gravity Pal® Trimline PRO

Superb Comfort, Quality and Elegantly Designed for Inversion PLUS Exercising
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The Gravity Pal® Traveler

The ONLY Portable Low Angle Inversion Table on the Market Today
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