Reported Low Angle Inversion Benefits

High Angle Inversion is Not Necessary!

2 to 3 Minutes, 2 to 3 Times Per Day of Low Angle Inversion with Gravity Pal® Gently and Naturally:


Relieves Spinal Compression

Regular daily 2 to 3 minute sessions on Gravity Pal may, as part of a healthy lifestyle, help those with chronic muscle tension, muscle spasms and back pain to live more comfortably.

Gravity is omnipresent and relentless. It compresses our tissues making us shorter as we age. We humans have a lifelong relationship with gravity.

As we age, the cushioning discs in our spine lose their “tone,” become softer and if they bulge outward they can pinch nerves – and we can experience pain.

In only 1 to 3 minutes Gravity Pal users commonly report that the negative effects of spinal compression are relieved. Many users also report that consistent use has a cumulative effect.

Enhances Mental Clarity, Cognitive Function and Brain Health

Increases Blood and Lymph Flow to the Brain – gently and naturally.

  • Blood brings Nourishment and Oxygen to the brain
  • Lymph helps remove waste products from the brain

There is an obvious increase of blood flow throughout the brain experienced during LOW angle inversion with Gravity Pal.  Simultaneously, lymph circulation in the brain is increased.

Our customers often report after using Gravity Pal regularly they experience an increase in mental clarity.

Promotes Improved Relaxation and Stress Management

Many dynamic people in history credit their success to taking short periods of rest throughout their daily activity.

Customers tell us they look forward to their afternoon break at the office using their Gravity Pal.

Only 2 to 3 minutes of LOW angle inversion with the eyes closed brings the body to a state of relaxation while gravity gently stretches and releases tension.

Some Gravity Pal owners report their afternoon session gives them the boost they need to be clear & productive throughout the rest of the day and evening.

Promotes Faster Recovery from Athletic Exercise and Physical Work

Whether you are a sports enthusiast, gardener, dancer, competitive body builder or doing daily physical work, everyone wants – and needs – fast recovery for optimum health.

Many golfers have told us they love using their Gravity Pal immediately after playing a round of golf. One gentleman also told us that using his Gravity Pal after playing golf he is “ready for action” while his other golf buddies need the remainder of the evening just to recover.

“I use my Gravity Pal daily and love it. After playing 18 holes of golf my back is a bit tight and sore. When I get home I lay down on the Gravity Pal for a few minutes and it releases all the tension and I feel great when I am done. Highly recommend it.”

Ed S.

A Gravity Pal customer and mother of a 15-year-old competitive dancer writes that after 6 hours of rehearsal, using Gravity Pal gives her daughter the relief and revitalization her tired muscles need.

“I work on my computer, sometimes for hours, and it’s been so beneficial in helping with my back!  I have a high school injury (2 herniated discs: T8-T9) that will get flared up on occasion.  Gravity Pal has been SO helpful in preventing that pain, and helping when I do accidentally overdo it.

Also, my 15-year-old LOVES Gravity Pal.  She’s on the dance team at high school and during competition can spend up to six hours dancing, often doing the same piece of choreography over and over.  It’s helped her so much after hard practices or long competition weekends.

Thanks so much for creating such a wonderful product!”

Katherine Willis


Competitive Body Builder:
Those that must push the limits to excel in sports know that downtime is both necessary and yet, needs to be as short as is possible. Imagine the enthusiasm when some of our Gravity Pal users discovered that their recovery time was reduced. This makes sense because in only a few minutes the tissues of the body release tensions and the entire body experiences very efficient fluid circulation.

“My recovery time is down. I’ve been kicking my own ass in the weight room, and the soreness doesn’t last. I’m ready for my next training session sooner.”

Frederico Gama

Personal Fitness Trainer & Competitive Body Builder

Massage Therapist:
Those who do physical labor for a living know the toll that time and age can take. Many Massage Therapists use Gravity Pal for themselves between their clients as a way to “wash away” stress and extend their physical ability to give the best therapy to their clients.

“I regularly use my Gravity Pal in between my massage client appointments. I have found that even a minute or two gives me a quick recovery and an energy boost that I really find valuable.

I have also noticed that lying on it after a long bike ride or playing sports gives me a faster recovery than I used to get before finding Gravity Pal.”

John Worsfold

Licensed Massage Therapist, Iowa

A full body boost of rest and tension release with Gravity Pal may give you the piece that’s missing from your fitness routine no matter if you are an elite athlete, weekend warrior or work at a physically demanding job.

Promotes Healthier Skin

Health professionals agree that blood and lymph circulation aid in healthy cell rejuvenation and turnover in the dermis and epidermis layers of the skin.

Gravity Pal users comment that regular daily LOW angle inversion promotes a consistent flush of lymph & blood flow to the neck and face.

See for yourself what increased daily fluid circulation can do for you.

“One of the early things I noticed was that the bags under my eyes, which many of my family members also have, started to get smaller and have now mostly gone away. I also noticed that my complexion started to become more clear.”

Ray Ward

Carpenter, Age 55, Merrimack NH


Reduces Digestive System Compression

Sometimes we forget that our organs are tissues too!

Just as our muscles benefit from circulation that movement provides, our organs can benefit from it too.

The gentle angle of inversion with Gravity Pal gives each organ a short lift promoting blood flow throughout the area.

Customers report they can feel their intestines (a.k.a., the “belly”) gently move and shift during LOW angle inversion.

Many report the experience is helpful and improves their organ function.

The Benefits of Low Angle Inversion with Gravity Pal are immediate and cumulative.

Use Gravity Pal after Sports, Vigorous Exercise, Yard Work or Simple Daily Living!

A few minutes, 2-3 times per day produces effects you will notice
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