The 4 Minute Miracle Exercise Program – Video & Ebook


An incredibly valuable NEW exercise program that compliments using your Gravity Pal.



If you’re in pain AND in bad shape where do you begin to turn it around?

No matter what shape you’re in – you can still breathe. And as long as you have control over breathing you can exercise.

Breathing in combination with small movements can be powerful exercises that virtually everyone, regardless of fitness level, can perform – and make PROGRESS!

This little gem is the result of distilling many years of research and testing.

Whether you’re young, old, in great shape or even in poor shape, after four minutes you’ll be amazed:

  • Improves tone of core abdominal muscles including pelvic floor & lower back muscles
  • Stimulates lymph, activates the brain, and relaxes tissues
  • Improves digestion and elimination
  • Expands lung capacity and strengthens immune system
  • Increases physical endurance and ability to maintaining breath
  • An awesome tool for improving my overall Wellness

And it’s convenient! You can do The 4 Minute Miracle in your socks, in your living room – or anywhere.

100% Money Back Guarantee – and you get to keep the files if you are not satisfied.

Product is delivered as Downloadable Video & PDF Ebook in two files