I manufacture a low angle portable inversion table (aka slant board) called Gravity Pal.

Because I suffered from chronic back pain and couldn’t travel, I was motivated to re-invent and update this old idea in 2014.

I loved the results I got from my table so much I now take it with me wherever I travel.

It’s amazing that as little as 1 to 3 minutes on my “slant board”
● Relieves my back pain
● Refreshes my brain
● Decreases my stress
● And simply rejuvenates me

I talk to people every day who’ve been thinking about buying one but are unsure whether it’s right for them or not.

Is An Inversion Table Right For You? Answer: Maybe Not

Most who call have back, neck, shoulder or hip pain and are looking for relief.

Most already know that inversion is not likely to be a cure but a possible way to MANAGE their condition so they can be more functional and not limited (or debilitated) by their chronic condition.

The best answer, I tell them, is to try out inversion AFTER they’ve already tried other ways to bring relief. Often they don’t know what those “other ways” may be.

So, if this sounds like you or someone you care for, here are two ideas to try before investing in an inversion table.

Try the first one if you need immediate relief. The second one – which I’ve found valuable for hip and lower back pain – try as a longer term management tool to prevent your situation from getting worse.

First, Try Legs Up On A Couch – Or Up A Wall

This is a way to approximate – albeit imperfectly – an inversion effect for your body.

Even though the back is flat on the floor and the lower legs are flat on the couch cushions, the back muscles are allowed to deeply relax and the elevated legs stimulate a large amount of lymph to flow upward in the body, towards the heart and brain.

If you choose to do this, please follow these tips:
1) Scoot your butt as close to the couch as you can
2) Once your legs are up on the couch, lay there for 1 minute or so
3) Roll off and lay on the floor for at least 30 seconds and then slowly get up

Sometimes I’m in need and my table’s simply not available so I’ve found Legs Up On A Couch also helps me a lot.

Once, a few years ago, I was stuck in a hotel for two days without my portable low angle slant table because the airline temporarily lost it after I checked it as luggage.

I was delighted when they eventually found it but for those two days without it I needed to figure something out – and fast.

So I reverted to Legs Up On A Couch – my backup option – and was grateful to know it.

Since that time I’ve shared this with folks who are “on the fence” about buying an inversion table because, even if they do purchase one, eventually having this little gem will come in handy. Sometimes, this is all they need, which is great for them and me too – as they always send some referrals my way.

And, although not nearly as great as inversion on a proper inversion table, Legs Up On A Couch still provides a good measure of relief, some mental refreshment and certainly a decrease of stress.

A more advanced version of Legs Up On A Couch is to put your legs straight up a wall.

Here you scoot your butt up to a flat wall and roll your body so that your legs are straight up and flat against the wall.

You may find that you’re not as advanced or flexible enough to do this. No worries. Go back to Plan A and just put your legs up on the couch.

While neither of these options are as effective as my low angle inversion table they’re useful when I’m in a situation where my table simply isn’t there.

Marching Cross Knee Slappers

These are also called Cross-Crawls and are great for your brain, upper legs, hips and lower abs – all at the same time.

● Stand with Both Feet Shoulder-Width Apart
● Breathe Deeply In Through Your Nose, Filling Your Upper Lungs
● Pause for One Second
● As if Marching in a Band – and while slowly blowing out through your mouth:
○ Lift Your LEFT Leg Up &
○ Lightly Slap Your LEFT Thigh With Your RIGHT Hand
● Alternate Between Lifting RIGHT & LEFT Legs As You Keep Marching in Place
● Repeat for a Total of 4 to 10 Slaps on Each Thigh

I’ve found that Marching Cross Knee Slappers are good for three reasons:
● Reducing my existing back pain
● Prevents my back pain that can come when I sit too long at a desk
● When I perform it regularly it strengthens my lower abs without hurting my back

Because I often sit for several hours writing I’ll set a timer and every 30 to 45 minutes I get up and do 20 Marching Cross Knee Slappers.

It works for me as both a back pain preventative and keeps blood and lymph flowing – which energizes me.

Finally, I’ve noticed Marching Cross Knee Slappers (aka Cross-Crawls) have one other benefit that I really love.

They help me think more clearly. It’s easy and effective and I can sit longer and get more done without pain.

So I love it.

Before you invest the money in an inversion table try these out and see if they work for you.

What More Can You Do?

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