Three Gravity Pal Models for Wellness, Beauty and Back Pain Relief – Luxury Bench, Trimline and Traveler – Each are designed to conveniently fit into your lifestyle, whenever and wherever you need it or want it.

* Commonalities – All Three Designs Have the Same:

  •             Upholstered dimensions, 73” x 16.5”
  •             Upholstery materials
  •             LOW angle (approximately 13 degrees)
  •             All are made to the same comfort specifications
  •             All are handmade by Amish Craftsmen and Craftswomen
  •             All are made to provide many years of daily use
  •             All are 100% assembled in U.S.A

* Differences between the three designs

  • Luxury Bench is fine furniture & also designed for heavy duty use
  • Highest weight bearing capability. Excellent for high traffic settings with many users
  • Beautiful to look at & appropriate in professional setting or your home
  • Useable also as a Bench: In Office, Den, Bedroom or Recreation Room
  • Made with Solid Hard Maple, Weighs less than 40lbs (with both legs attached)
  • Maximum Weight Limit: As a Bench, 600lbs. As Low Angle Inversion Table, 375lbs.
  • Trimline, our most affordable model
  • Locking & foldable leg design. Closes for easy storage
  • Designed to be left up all the time for ready, dedicated use
  • Lighter weight (20lbs), easily stores behind a door or under a bed
  • Excellent for limited space locations: dorm rooms, apartments, smaller spaces
  • Maximum Weight Limit 225lbs
  • Traveler, portable & folds in half – can easily travel with you across the globe
  • Our most popular model
  • The ONLY Portable LOW Angle Inversion Table on the market today
  • Easily folds in half to 36.5” x 16.5” x 5”, Weighs 19lbs
  • Can be stored virtually anywhere – behind a chair, in a corner, under a piano
  • Two optional cases made with Rugged 630-denier Water & Scratch Resistant Nylon
  • * Protective Case – Great for Car Travel. Lightweight, Heavy Duty Zipper (Blue)
  • * Padded Airline Checkable Luggage Case – Built for years of travel (Black)


So, which Gravity Pal is right for you?

After using a Gravity Pal for a few months, many users find they want more than one Gravity Pal model. Why? Because they naturally get in the habit of using their Gravity Pal two or three times a day – and they want it where they happen to be – at home, office, their workout and on the road.

Many people are starting to think of Gravity Pals like a chair – you don’t own just one chair, right?

It is not uncommon to put a Luxury Bench in an office and also own a portable Traveler for use at home and trips.

But if you are here for your first purchase you probably are only going to purchase one – at least to start. Here are several common questions that may assist your decision.


Question #1 – What if I have a small space? & How much space do I need?

You need a footprint approximately 3’ x 6’ (36” x 72” inches). Roughly the space on the floor next to the Gravity Pal needed for exiting and resting is 18” x 72” inches – not very big.

Every Gravity Pal will fit at the foot of a King Sized bed with room left over.  All three Gravity Pal models, Luxury Bench, Trimline and Traveler, work well in small spaces.

However, for storage reasons some people will purchase a Traveler simply because they can also fold it in half; its small folded profile takes up the least space.

The Trimline comes in a close second because it easily fits behind a door or under a bed which makes it also very convenient.

The Luxury Bench is a fine piece of solid wood furniture. Although it’s footprint is the same as the other two Gravity Pal models and can work with smaller spaces, we notice that people tend to show it off in their living rooms, offices and recreation rooms when space may be less of a concern. Also, because it converts to a bench, people will put it in rooms where they might want to use it as such.


1.    If space requires you to put it away often then we recommend the Traveler or Trimline.

2.    If you have a small space but might use the Luxury Bench as a bench from time to time – then it might be the best for you.


Question #2 : Will you leave it up as a LOW Angle Inversion Table most of the time?

Most customers tell us they use their Gravity Pal daily or almost daily. Therefore they tend to find a space where they can leave it up, ready to use, and only put it away when they need the extra space.

If you know that you may rarely or never take it down and will never travel with it then the Trimline may be the best for you. We designed it for this situation – and it is our most affordable model.


Question #3 : What if I use it at work and share it with other people? Does that make a difference?

That depends on how many other people might be using it.

We have Gravity Pals in brokerage firms, dentist’s offices and other professional offices where several different people use it throughout the day. If a number of people might use it the biggest consideration is the weight of the heaviest user.  Why?

User weight affects which model should be used.

  • Gravity Pal Traveler – Maximum Recommended 275 lbs
  • Gravity Pal Trimline – Maximum Recommended 225 lbs
  • Gravity Pal Luxury Bench  – Maximum Recommended 375 lbs


Question #4: High Traffic & Heavy Duty use?

Are you a chiropractor or massage therapist that might have many people use a Gravity Pal every day?

If so, then the Luxury Bench is the model we recommend for you. While the Traveler and Trimline are both used in these professional settings, we designed the Luxury Bench for more “High Use” environments.


Question #5: What is your fitness level?

At a minimum, using a Gravity Pal requires you’re able to lie down on a floor and get up from lying on a floor.

This means that Gravity Pals are suitable for those from peak physical condition to fairly poor health and everywhere in between – what we might call modest to marginal fitness levels.

One of our most health-challenged customers is a gentleman who was house bound with advancing Muscular Sclerosis; he wanted to use the Gravity Pal for his chronic back pain.

At first, his wife needed to help him get up off of the floor whenever he used their Gravity Pal. After a few weeks of daily use he was able to get up off of the floor unassisted. To be sure, getting up off of the floor was an exercise for him all by itself!

His Gravity Pal has helped him a great deal. His leg swelling (edema) has reduced, his back pain has greatly been alleviated and he is more mobile.

Peak condition athletes also love their Gravity Pals and find benefit as part of their post – exercise routine. Here is a comment from Frederico Gama, an award winning competitive body builder and personal fitness trainer:

“My recovery time is down, the soreness doesn’t last. I’m ready for my next training session sooner.”

Frederico Gama, Personal Fitness Trainer


Question #6: Do you have a cat?

This may seem like a funny detail but cats and dogs may decide they too like your Gravity Pal. As with all furniture, their sharp nails can be a problem.

 Louie_GP_edited 640 (2) (289x300)

If you need to hide your Gravity Pal from your pet, a quick and easy solution is the Gravity Pal Traveler along with its Airline Checkable Luggage Case.

The Traveler inserts into the case like a slice of bread in a toaster for a quick and easy protection and storage. Plus you’re ready to travel with your Gravity Pal if you wish.


Question #7 – Do you travel frequently – or – do you tend to have back problems more often when you travel?

Many people don’t have back issues UNTIL they travel. Then, with bad (or different) beds or sitting long hours in cars, trucks or at conferences back and other compression issues show up on the road. We have also heard about this from golfers and other traveling athletes.

I travel everywhere with my portable Gravity Pal Traveler. In fact, the very first thing I do whenever I arrive is to open up the Traveler and lie on it for 2 to 3 minutes. I need it for the gentle and natural compression relief it delivers. But I also do it to help me quickly get past the fatigue of traveling.

For me and many people, using a Gravity Pal is for much more than simply alleviating back pain. In as little as one minute I receive a mental clarity and physical energy boost – in addition to the compression relief I need.

Remember, 1 to 3 minutes on a Gravity Pal is for WELLNESS – which is beyond simply providing back pain relief.

I am going out on a limb here, but once you travel with a Gravity Pal, you will likely ALWAYS want to travel with a Gravity Pal.


So, which Gravity Pal is right for you?

The best Gravity Pal is the one that most conveniently fits into your lifestyle, so you can use it whenever and wherever you need it or want it.


* Still have questions? *

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We look forward to speaking with you!

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