Back in 1993 I developed a very painful case of bursitis under my upper right arm’s Deltoid Muscle that wouldn’t go away. No amount of ice or rest or massage was helping – even after a few weeks. I didn’t know at the time that the bursa is a fluid-filled cushioning sac under the Deltoid that, once inflammation sets in, can be a tough customer to turn off that painful condition. The MD I went to offered shots or drugs, which I didn’t want to take, so I really didn’t know what to do.

I was talking with a Chiropractor friend one day who said, “You should try putting DMSO on it…but don’t tell anyone I told you to do so.” I had no idea what DMSO even was.

I thought that was a weird comment but, being desperate, I looked for some liquid DMSO at my local health food store and, sure enough, found it. I put a little of this liquid on my arm AND it worked! My arm felt better immediately and within a couple of days of putting small amounts of it on my arm I was all better. Amazing!

At the time I didn’t know why my friend had said…”but don’t tell anyone I told you to do so“… for several years. I heard it was “controversial”, but I didn’t care…it’d worked for me.

Eventually I came to find out that back in the 1960s when DMSO was being hailed – by doctors and researchers – as a “miracle natural cure” and was quickly on its way to replacing a number of pharmaceutical drugs – because DMSO is not patentable – the FDA made it illegal calling it “toxic” due to a single bogus animal study which was later dis-proven.

In reality, DMSO is non-toxic – and non addictive – to humans but the bad press ruled that day and it was many years before it’s miracle qualities were available for everyone to examine – and try out – for themselves, as it is today. So my friend, who was just starting out as a Chiropractor, knew he was at risk at that time for even suggesting it to me. Boy, am I glad he did

Over the next 30 years I continued to use it occasionally but it wasn’t until about 9 years ago I decided to get serious and learn about it. Now it is a part of my overall health regimen and I deeply understand it and have helped scores of therapists and their clients by sharing what I’m about to share with you.

I’ve dozens of stories of friends and family who’ve benefited from using DMSO, some of them dramatic. My favorite is when a buddy called me on a Sunday afternoon after he’d fallen from a bicycle and very badly sprained his foot. A doctor friend he’d called had told him his sprain was likely so serious he should plan on walking on crutches for weeks to come. When I got to his house he was in quite a bit of pain with his foot elevated and with ice on it…like you should in that situation. I’d brought with me a small bottle of DMSO and simply spread a small amount of the liquid on his foot and gave him the bottle to reapply it as he felt he may need.

About a week later he stopped by my house to drop off a new bottle of DMSO he’d bought me as a thank you gift for me coming over to help him. When I asked him how he was doing he said, “I don’t know how that ‘Witch-y Miracle Juice’ works…but it sure does!” He told me the pain and swelling went away “amazingly fast” and he was now walking without any discomfort. 

And the punchline was: he never needed crutches at all.

Below are few basics everyone should know about DMSO and then I provide a deeper conversation geared for those who want to know more about it’s history and it’s deeper, profound impacts on health and wellness. 

A Few Basics About DMSO and How I Personally Use It:

1. If you’re in a health compromised situation or on any prescription medications please discuss this information with your primary health care professional before using DMSO. I am merely presenting what I use it for and what I’ve learned about it so far. I am not promising any results nor will I accept any responsibility for your use of it. Do your own research and make your own choices.

2. What is DMSO (Dimethyl sulfoxide)? It’s basically “tree juice” which is a liquid byproduct from the paper manufacturing process that’s distilled to various levels of purity, including a very pure pharmaceutical grade usable for humans – even internally. Its story and history are quite fascinating. Initial research in the early 1960s was in its application for preserving organs for transplant surgeries. It is still used for that application today.

3. DMSO is a powerful analgesic, anti-inflammatory and trans-dermal carrier with DOZENS of curative applications. It has been championed by reputable physicians as capable of healing or palliating many ailments. The list is so long I’ve created a separate link (Here) where you can review a list of them.

The short list of common applications includes addressing: Pain Relief, Joint Inflammation, Sciatica, Scars, Allergies, Arthritis, As a Muscle Relaxant, Increasing Nutrient Absorption, Removal of Heavy Metals, Removal of Toxins in General and Liver Toxins specifically – and it has a calming effect on the central nervous system. 

4. The FDA approved the use of DMSO for interstitial cystitis and cancer radiation therapy several decades ago. Most medical doctors are still unaware of this fact even today.

5. I most often use DMSO immediately after I exercise and I put it literally all over my joints and skin. My research indicates there is no worry about toxic levels or using too much or putting it on too often. I also do not dilute it, although some advocates counsel diluting it is important. Some people prefer to dilute it with distilled water but neither I, nor the many people I’ve introduced it to, have found diluting necessary.

6. Some people do experience the side effect of minor itching of the skin for several minutes after applying it. I find putting something soothing, like aloe vera gel, immediately on top of the area I’ve applied DMSO takes care of any minor itching. If I forget, and if itching occurs at all, it’s usually gone in 20 to 30 minutes.

7. Always make sure your skin is clean when applying DMSO. Because it’s a powerful trans-dermal carrier it will take through your skin whatever’s on the surface and put it immediately into your bloodstream. It’s therefore good practice to wait about 10 minutes before putting on your clothes after applying DMSO. It is important to note that people with tattoos should never put DMSO over a tattooed area. DMSO will carry into the bloodstream the inks of the tattoo.

8. I only use DMSO externally on my clean skin. I do not drink it or dilute it or put it inside my body. There are several health practitioners who do advise drinking it as well as those who will advise putting it inside the body intravenously for various reasons. I have no experience with this.

9. The DMSO I recommend is pharmaceutical grade and has low odor. The majority of early research you’ll read used DMSO that had a strong odor. The pharmaceutical grade Low Odor DMSO is now commonly available.

10. Because DMSO is a powerful analgesic, anti-inflammatory and trans-dermal carrier I stack other good things I want to have DMSO carry into my body.  I routinely use this Triflora (brand) arthritis gel or this MSM/Aloe Vera gel – or both – on top of the area where I put the DMSO if I feel it applicable. Also in cases of acute pain – like when I injured my shoulder last summer – I put all three on the area and then put on top of that a heating pad which I believes drives all three even deeper into my tissues. I found that an extremely effective remedy for virtually eliminating pain very quickly for me.

More About the History Of and Science Behind DMSO 

I recommend that you first watch this interview from 60 Minutes from March 1980 with Mike Wallace. (20min)


Then after viewing this video I strongly recommend you download and read this 20 page PDF, HERE. It’s titled, DMSO, The Persecuted Drug and was written by Dr. Stanley Jacob and is excerpted from the book: Politics In Healing by Daniel Haley. It’ll tell you a lot about DMSO and its history. 

After that I hope you’ll then look at this quick reference list of many – but not all – of the medical applications of DMSO beyond its use to help with Joint Issues, which is my primary concern. I created this document as a “table of contents” to go along with an incredible book on DMSO written in Germany, The DMSO Handbook: A New Paradigm in Healthcare, by Dr. Hartmut Fischer & Dr Seiriol Dafydd. It’s a very thorough and technical book written for medical professionals. I’m not recommending you buy it. But if you’re interested to take a look, it’s link is HERE.

Also, please look at the important book, Healing with DMSO, by Amandha Vollmer, which I do recommend you purchase, HERE. She provides excellent information and this resource should be on every health conscious person’s desk. 

This is the DMSO product that I order for myself and recommend to everyone.

The DEEPER Story How DMSO Works – Introducing Its Synergistic Partner, MSM 

DMSO has many important curative qualities but the deeper story is that about 15% of the DMSO that penetrates into the bloodstream is broken down into MSM – Methylsulfonylmethane – and so knowing about MSM is very important and very useful.

MSM is different from DMSO but the two are very synergistic.

DMSO has immediate effects delivering pain relief, reduced inflammation quickly as well as numerous longer term health impacts. 

MSM should be thought of as beneficial for long-term accumulative transformation of the body for tissue pliability, improved glutathione levels and many other benefits. That is a vast oversimplification of its potential benefits. I urge you to study up on it with the resources I’ve provided below.

I highly recommend that everyone learn more about MSM / Methylsulfonylmethane and read – and purchase – this definitive book by Dr. Stanley Jacobs, MSM the Definitive Guide: The Nutritional Breakthrough for Arthritis, Allergies and More

Here you can learn even more about MSM:

Methylsulfonylmethane, Applications and Safety of a Novel Dietary Supplement,


8 Science-Backed Benefits of MSM Supplements,

I hope you find this useful.

Michael McKay

August 7, 2023