Big Surprise!! 

Improved Mental Clarity from LOW Angle Inversion?


Why is my thinking becoming more clear?“, she asked, “Is it because of using my Gravity Pal?”

I chuckled.

I was answering a call from one of our recent Gravity Pal low angle inversion table customers, and replied:

We’ve been hearing this for YEARS! We think so – and we think we know why.”

First a disclaimer: all we have to go on are the numerous reports we’ve received from our customers as well as our own experience. At this point in time we’re not aware of any controlled scientific studies. We have publicly invited medical researchers to study this phenomenon and have made an offer to provide our tables for free if they wish to do so.  [1]

There are 3 reasons we think improved mental clarity occurs when regularly using our Gravity Pal low angle inversion tables for as little as 1 to 3 minutes per session.

  1. Improved Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF) and Lymphatic Cleansing of the Brain
  2. Pain Relief, in general
  3. A cumulative reduction of stress in the body over time.

1. Improved Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF) & Lymphatic CLEANSING OF THE BRAIN

These two fluids, we think, are where we need to look for answers first.

A. Lymphatic Fluid Flow & Brain Cleansing – Directly Impacted by Low Angle Inversion?

Only a few years ago scientists discovered that lymph architecture in the brain existed. Prior to then it was assumed there was no lymph network in the brain.

That has changed.

In 2015 the University of Virginia published its landmark findings that first found lymphatic vessels existing in the upper cranium – a discovery they said would require rewriting the anatomy books. [2] They were amazed to find it.

In 2017, another study led by Dr. Daniel S. Reich at NIH’s National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) suggested the brain uses its lymphatic vessels to “remove waste cells” and this is a significant way the brain “cleans itself.”  [3] [4]

These two studies point to the Brain Lymphatic System’s direct impact at removing large molecule wastes from the brain.

Furthermore, Dr. Jonathan Kipnis, the lead investigator of the University of Virginia study, said, “Now we can ask mechanistic questions [about neurological diseases such as autism, Alzheimers and multiple sclerosis].”

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Low Angle Slanting on a Gravity Pal

One “mechanistic” method, obviously, is low angle inversion. This is our first reason to invite researchers.

B. Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF) & Cleansing the Brain

In 2018 a study published by Helene Benveniste, M.D., Ph.D. focused on how our Cerebral Spinal Fluid also helps cleanse the brain and specifically how it helps remove large molecule waste, including amyloid-beta (Aβ) – the toxic metabolite that accumulates in Alzheimer’s disease.  [5]

From the study:

This discovery—dubbed the glymphatic system— will help us understand how toxic waste accumulates in devastating disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease and point to possible strategies to prevent it.

They stated that more research needs to be done:

However, it is still not clear how CSF and its waste solutes drain from the brain and into the meningeal lymphatic vessels. Nor do we know how important the meningeal lymphatic network is for CNS waste drainage, as CSF and its solutes can also exit via other pathways.

What Can We Take Away From These Studies?

It is well known that large molecule waste is removed through the FLOWING of the Lymphatic and CSF systems. [6] [7]

Can this be aided by regular sessions of low angle inversion?

It appears yes.

This purification process of the brain tissues may be the primary key to why we are experiencing greater mental clarity due to regular sessions of low angle inversion.

2. Reduced Pain’s Impact On Greater Mental Clarity

As a person who’s dealt with various degrees of chronic pain for several decades I can tell you occasions of not having any pain always increases my mental clarity and improves me in ALL ways – creativity, relaxation, sleep, humor, patience (very important for me), and fun of life.

It is well established that chronic pain inhibits mental clarity. [8]

I consider my daily Gravity Pal sessions a primary way I manage to keep my pain levels as low as possible and my thinking as clear as possible.

3. Cumulatively Reducing Stress and Its Impact On Greater Mental Clarity

Hand in hand with reducing pain is reducing overall stress in the body tissues – and not just in mind and emotions.

Here’s a secret – I’ve trained my mind to lessen the conscious impact of pain to the point I’m only aware I was in pain when, for periods of time, I’m experiencing zero, or very little pain.

This mental training has helped me to be more functional. But even though my “mind” is sometimes less aware of pain my tissues are still impacted by the pain.

I know this is the case because regardless of all the other things that I do, my back and leg tissues become more knotted and “thick” even if I’m not mentally aware of any real pain in those areas. And if I don’t stay ahead of it these Knots and Thicknesses will eventually let me know I must do more to remove them.

I manage this by regularly doing all of the following in addition to low angle inversion:

1. Meditating Daily – for this I use and endorse the Transcendental Meditation Technique (TM). It’s the easiest meditation to learn, most broadly effective and I do it for 20 minutes twice every single day. [9]

I’ve found its impacts to be cumulative and in fact so numerous that TM for me has been nothing short of life-changing. I couldn’t live without it.

2. Regular Deep Tissue Massage, Zero Balancing Technique [10] and 5-Element Acupuncture [11]; each one at least every few weeks. These help me keep to a minimum any muscle “thicknesses” and cramps in my legs and back tissues.

3. Salt Baths and Dry Infrared Sauna sessions, each at least once a week.

4. Various Exercises & Stretches

One more word about Stress

I follow the recommendation of Dr Fred Travis from his book, Your Brain Is A River, Not A Rock, and distinguish the important difference between Stress which makes us weaker and Challenge which makes us stronger.

Stress weakens us. And constant exposure to higher levels of stress weakens us in every way. Where is that point when it is “too much” and becomes destructive stress? That is a subjective determination that we can – and need to – decide for ourselves.

Challenging ourselves – and our tissues – the “correct amount” in exercise and exposure to pressure can make all of our systems much stronger.

I believe the unique low angle inversion experience on our Gravity Pal tables gently challenges our tissues and circulatory systems and thus, over time, strengthens us – and thus we experience many side benefits.

One of these side benefits is improved mental clarity and I believe it is No Surprise at all!

I invite everyone to try out a Gravity Pal and see for themselves.

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