Physical BOOK: Stretches & Exercises for Gravity Pal® Trimline PRO™


*NEW* Exercise Option That Compliments Using Your Gravity Pal® Trimline PRO™ Low Angle Inversion Table



Do You Want To Take Your Physical Fitness Program To The Next Level?

After Many Years Of Testing And Development We Are Proud To Offer This Collection Of Stretches & Exercises Designed To Be Used With The Gravity Pal® Trimline PRO™

These 28 Stretches & Exercises Are A Great Addition Whether You Are A Beginner, Intermediate Or In An Advanced Physical Fitness Program.

Whether You’re Young, Old, In Great Shape Or Poor Shape, There Is Something In This Collection That May Be Suitable For You.

Suitable For Personal And Professional Use ANYWHERE: In Your Living Room, Rec Room, Gym, Yoga Center Or Other Professional Settings.

This is a Physical Book.


* This Book of Stretches & Exercises is Provided as a FREE BONUS with purchase of the Gravity Pal® Trimline PRO™ Low Angle Inversion Table

* When Purchased Separately This Book Is Delivered With Free Shipping